Dec 4, 2019

Suet is now Mailintel

One of the biggest decisions made on Suet was to do a rebrand. You would have noticed the changes–new logo, fresh look, new identity. Or even received the email if you are an existing customer. In this post, I explain the reasons behind the decision and how it affects you as a customer.

Why was this done?

Over the last two years, Suet has provided transactional email analytics and reporting for transactional emails sent using Mailgun and Amazon SES. We believe transactional emails are a big part of every product and we continually explore ways to deliver good insight from the performance of these mails. We recently added new intelligence features across feeds, mails and the users section. We wanted users to be able to identify and segment mails, users and their event feed based on certain parameters like subject, email, delivery status, clicked links, interaction date and many more. These changes required design adjustments that had to be done. This also meant rewriting a lot of the backend infrastructure and upgrading a lot dependencies. In the end, we figured it would be a great idea to do a total redesign and a name change to reflect the changes and the direction the product is moving.

What will has changed?

  • New logo and site redesign 🥳
  • A shinny new domain at
  • The twitter account is now @mailintel (follow, follow, follow).
  • Contact email now hello at Transactional emails will come from (don’t send email to this).
  • Segmentation of Feeds, Mails and Users.

How does this affect existing users?

You don’t need to do anything. The current Suet domain and existing app will continue to work for a couple of weeks then will redirect to the new domain and app at

We will continue to optimise the new site to ensure it works as should. We can’t wait to see you use the new platform and give us feedback. Please keep them coming: hello at

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